Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ralphing on the Roadside

Last night was awful.  My dinner just didn't agree with me.  I'm not sure what it was or why it bothered my stomach so much, but while driving home I had to pull over and relive my dinner all over again... in reverse.

I know of three types of people in this life.  There are people, we'll call them Type-1, who fight vomiting with all their might and can suppress the urge almost indefinitely.  Type-2 are those who lack any control and lose their lunch at the sight of a drop of blood from a paper cut.  Then there are those, Type-3, who realize that their body is trying to eliminate something that's not good for it.

These same people often react to life in the same way, when trouble or conflict arises.  Imagine, if you will, three landlords and their tenants.  

In our first situation the tenants have painted the walls black, let the bathroom mold over, have put holes in the floor, and never let their pets (which they aren't supposed to have in the first place) outside to do their business.  A Type-1 personality will continue to fight with the tenant.  Over and over again the waves of gut wrenching frustration overwhelm and hurt the landlord.  The tenant doesn't really care at all and continues be however they see fit.  Years later, the tenant finally decides to leave on their own.

Our second landlord is intolerable of any sort of infraction.  The tenant had their cousin stay over for the weekend?  Well the cousin didn't pay to live there!  The tenant cooked curry and the kitchen now smells like, well... curry?  This landlord isn't going to put up with that sort of noxious olfactory offense!  The Type-2 will kick out these tenants (and so many others over the years) ad nauseum (pardon the pun).

Our final situation involves landlord Type-3.  Their tenant has failed to pay rent for 3 months.  The landlord has tried reasoning with the tenant, but the new 60" T.V. and trip to Hawaii they were talking about, has the landlord convinced that they need to go.  Eviction notice served!

So, when you are struggling with an issue in life, maybe you need to examine your options.  You can fight through the pain.  You can purge every bit of pain from your life and never get to experience the benefits of long lasting relationships.  Or you can choose your battles wisely and eliminate the problems that are really hurting you while learning to work through minor/insignificant issues.

What in your life, right now, might you be able to apply this principle?  Is it time for you to pull over and yodel your groceries?  Would it behoove you to take a break and bark at the ants?  Would it help to hurl your hold-ups on the roadside?

Pray that God will give you wisdom and consider purging your problems.

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