Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finishing Touches

At the camp we've been extremely busy putting the finishing touches on the new gymnasium.  Walls are being painted, the drop ceiling is almost complete in the meeting room, flooring is just about finished.  This is an exciting time.  God has taught me so many different things during this season of my life, but the thing I'd like to focus on today is...

Finishing Touches

When you are building something as massive as this gym (an ordeal that has taken us more than two years), it is easy to start strong.  You have an excitement that is naturally brought about by new experiences. We rise to the challenge. But as the work continues (especially over a long time) passion can wane. Finishing work such as spackle, paint, and trim may become sloppy. This is a shame, because it is, in the end, the thing that most people see and notice. Few people walk into a new building and appreciate the lumber used for the studs in the wall. Few people appreciate the quality of the concrete used in the foundation. I'm certainly not trying to diminish the importance of framing or foundations; the building couldn't stand without them. But it is the crown molding, the shade of blue on the wall, the soft carpet beneath one's feet that most people take note of when they enter a building.

Finishing Well Matters!

Finishing touches done well (or not) are the difference between a beautiful welcoming environment or a noticeably shoddy job. The same is true in life. 

Life is full of transitions. Are you almost done with high school or college? Finish well. Having a 4.0 GPA your last semester will be the icing on the cake along with your diploma (and it will help out your overall GPA as well). Have you given two weeks notice at your job? Giving an extra heave-ho at those last two weeks will really make your recommendations shine in the future. Are you a performer of some sort? Always end with something big, because that is what the audience remembers.

So I encourage you in whatever you are wrapping up right now to end it well. Give that project at work that extra little touch! In your workout, go for an extra two reps! If you are building a gymnasium, make sure those finishing touches are all done right!

It is never too late to give your all.

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  1. This is one of your best blog posts. A good reminder to us all not to give in to a short-cut temptation when the finished line is in sight.