Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I've officially finished my first full week at Shiloh and I can 100% honestly say that I have never felt as sore as I have this past week. The gym construction site was pretty messy and disorganized. It needed some serious TLC and that was what I was tasked to this week. It was time for some spring cleaning (nice since spring has finally decided to arrive this week).

I moved large piles of sheetrock. Sometimes it was moving it only a matter of 10 feet, but if you've never moved a 14'x4' piece of sheetrock I can tell you that it weighs 100.8 lbs and sheets come attached in pairs.
- Now instead of these sheets taking up 56 sq. ft. of floor space they are leaning up against a wall.

I moved all of the yet unattached doors. Most doors in a person's house are hollow so that they are light weight and easy to open. But in a commercial building, all of the doors have to be fire rated and they are heavy and solid.
-Now these doors are set up by size and swinging direction ready to be grabbed when they are needed.

I swept up (and vacuumed up) more dust than I could possibly express.
-Now workers can move around without trudging through (and kicking up) a layer of dust.

I organized all of the tools by type and by task. All of the tools for sheetrocking and spackling are on one table.  All of the power tools (drills, grinders, saws, etc...) are on another table.  All of the fasteners (screws, nails, tape, zipties, etc...) are on yet another.
-Now when someone is looking for an item for a specific task, they don't have to take 30 minutes looking for what they need.

Why am I saying these things? While I do think I am awesome for doing all of these things, that isn't why I'm telling you about it. I want you to know that when you keep your life organized, keep your life clean, you enable yourself and others to better serve those around you.

If your life is crazy and you never know where you are going to be three weeks from now (none the less three hours from now), you are less able to help others. If your car is messy (and I'm speaking directly to myself on this one) you are unable to pick up that old lady walking in the rain with her groceries. If you don't take care of your house it is hard to invite people over for a bible study or a youth group's "night out/in".

What I'm driving at is if you keep a schedule and live a life with less clutter you will be more able to live the life to which God is calling you. Have you ever missed and opportunity to help someone because of disorganization or being messy in some way? What parts of your life might require some spring cleaning?

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  1. Has you father read this yet? LOL You've inspired me to get to work on the house again (sigh). Just need a few hours dedicated to the task. Have I mentioned that I'm ever so proud of you? :)