Friday, January 4, 2013

Lacking Motivation

Hey guys!  I'm back from Christmas/New Years vacation.  Amanda and I visited her cousin out in northern California and had a great time!

Since we returned I've been having a serious problem though.  I've been having real morning motivation issues.  I've been turning off my alarm clock, sleeping in later than I want, and putting off important things that I need to do.  The weird thing is that it really only seems to be in the morning.  By the late afternoon I'm ready to do whatever it is that I have set for the day (too bad some things need to be started in the morning).  
I really feel stuck in a rut.

I'm not sure what is going on with me.  In the past when going through a time where I lack motivation I have written myself "To-Do" lists or review my goals, but this time I really feel like I need a jump start.

So what am I going to do about it?

1. I am going to move my alarm clock.  I will need to get out of bed to turn it off.  This will be the very first step (quite literally) to motivation in the morning.

2. I am going to set out my clothing the night before.  Everything will be ready for whatever task I have in the morning.  If I'll be doing construction at the camp in the morning, I'll be thinking about it the night before and be prepared.  If I am going to be spending the day cleaning the house, I'll be thinking about it the night before and be prepared.  If I am going to be starting my day at the gym, I'll be thinking about it the night before and be prepared.

3. I will be sure to keep healthy breakfast options available in the house at all times.

4. I'm going to create a checklist of things I need to do and mark it each day (the OCD part of Amanda will love this!).

5. I am committing publicly to do the things I'm saying I'll do.  I hope that you, my readers will hold me accountable.

I think these simple steps (in addition to me just talking about this here) will help.  If I somehow forget to update you in the coming weeks, please remind me so that I can let you know how things are going.

Thinking about how this relates to this time of year it's somewhat ironic - new years resolutions and all.  How have you stayed motivated to keep resolutions in the past?  Do any of you have any new years resolutions for this year?

One last thought:  For those of you who have become jaded with the idea of new years resolutions, I ask you to take a look at Lamentations 3:40.  God calls us to examine our lives regularly.  If it takes a new year for you to become convinced to evaluate your goals, motivations, or desires - your life - why not let God use that for your betterment and His glory?

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  1. We all need to examine ourselves to be sure that we are in the Lord's will even with something as simple as getting out of bed. Every day is a new day and another opportunity to examine and move forward in the will of God for our lives.